We have a modern fleet at our disposal. None of our cars are older than 5 years. We own Volvo tractors classified as Euro 6. Our semi-trailers are made by Schwarzmüller.

Our refrigerated semi-trailers  are standard, i.e. capacity of 33 pallets; in the future, we are looking to deploy double-deck semi-trailers with a capacity of 66 pallets. All of them are equipped with Carrier units with a recorder and temperature monitoring.

All our vehicles are equipped with Carrier units with recorder and online temperature monitoring. 


Year of manufacture: 2020-2023
engine: 460TC
cabin: Globetrotter XL

Semi-trailer parameters

Refrigerated semi-trailer

Chladírenský návěs

Inner length:  13,345 mm

Inner width:  2 460  mm

Inner cargo area Height:  2,650 to 2,750 mm

Capacity:  33 EUP

Cargo capacity:  24 tonnes




Curtainsider semi-trailer

plachtový návěs Volvo

Inner length:  13,620 mm

Inner width:  2,480 mm

Inner loading area Height:  2,720 mm to 2,850 mm

Internal width between guide rails:  2,430 mm

Rear loading width:  2,480 mm

Side loading height under the guide rail:  2,620 mm

Capacity: 34 EUP

Cargo capacity: 25 tonnes

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