We have been a Czech private family business run by the owner for two generations. The company CHERIS Trading v.o.s. was founded on 23 December 1992, meaning we have been on the market for more than a quarter of a century. At the same time, we definitely consider this to be one   of the prerequisites for the prospect of stability. The company’s main activities involve transportation of goods in curtainsider and refrigerated semi-trailers to Spain.

Since the beginning, we have been exclusively using Volvo vehicles for the transport. The Volvo Globetrotter magazine wrote the following about us in 2008:

Radek and Kateřina Šlajcher have been in the business since 1992 and, according to the words of Radka Šlajcher, they have been convinced throughout their careers that “there are a lot of trucks, but Volvo is Volvo”. The Šlajchers share the following opinion about the brand:  “They are not just machines for us, they are organisms with souls”.

In 1995, CHERIS Trad s.r.o. was established, taking over the transportation business and the transport activities previously provided by CHERIS Trading v.o.s. Naturally, it operates exclusively using the vehicles owned by CHERIS Trading v.o.s.

Owners are characterised by straightforward decision making, which is always a balanced combination of sense and sense. The most important among their traits is probably the ability to make quick and correct decisions and to own up to them.

Radek Šlajcher
K. Šlajcherová

Company history

company history

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